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Dockyard Glassworks
Contact Information
Phone: 234-4216
Address: 1 Maritime Lane, Royal Naval Dockyard, Also available at Dockside Glass, St. George's

Your tour of Royal Naval Dockyard is just heating up. Steps from the Bermuda Rum Cake Bakery, temperatures really rise at Dockyard Glassworks. At this spacious studio, artists tempt your senses with their glass creations. Visitors can relax in an armchair theatre and watch for hours as craftsmen create fantasies from molten glass. Purchase such Bermuda glass collectibles as the whistling tree frog, honeymoon hogs, and multicoloured fish and birds. The glassworks opens daily 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., until 9 p.m. when ships are docked.

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